Founded in 1998 by Abdullah Burnaz, Ka architects has designed the most highly important projects in Istanbul , specializing in commercial non-commercial real-estates, offices, restaurants, residences.

Ka architects was changed to Abdullah Burnaz Team, called ABD+,  in 2011.

ABD+ is an art school with its own philosophy. Abdullah Burnaz's artistic approach and unique way to interpret trends, continues to create unique designs with his team.

İnşaat Dünyası Dergisi 30 Mimar Eki Haziran 2013

Abdullah Burnaz Design Team

Büyükdere Cad. No:201

Levent Loft Giriş Kat

Ortak Alan

34394 Levent/İstanbul

P : 0212 347 78 10 pbx

F : 0212 347 78 20

E :

ABD+ Team supports TEMA, LÖSEV, Çeşme Animal Shelter, Bolluca Animal Shelter and Tuzla Animal Shelter with high susceptibility and awareness.